Why blog

Blogging in the 90s used to be meant for the release of cathexis. I call it catharsis- the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. When digital media started becoming a source of income people became SEO freaks. They started finding out what is trending to write about. There began a narcissistic chase of becoming the best sellers.

In journalism, SEO writing did so much harm that the whole of journalism sublimed into a broadcaster of trends. People are not writing the conclusions which they happen to come at. They are writing what can get them more views and clicks. To be fair, instead of becoming the voice of the unheard, a huge chunk of journalism has just become clickbait. No matter what the realities of the economy, national security, employment, etc are, everything just gets mixed up in Taimur’s poop for flavor.

I am one of those people who have to spend hours in libraries. days and nights in libraries. I have read books that were present in libraries for decades that were never issued by any student or teacher, I read those books and realized that I wanted to read exactly what I read. I came to the conclusion that a writer is one who writes selflessly. I also write quite a lot. Sometimes I just write because I believe that it is something worth-knowing even if it is not as classic as Taimur’s poop. One Principal of my childhood school once said after giving a lecture that even if one student benefits from what I said, it was worth it. I believe that writers should have this mindset.

Writing is a very personal venture. You write to clarify your thoughts. If you cannot write it down, you have not thought it through. There are mathematicians and physicists who wrote very thick summary books in which they stacked one idea over another in a logical structure presenting exactly how the thoughts built up.

You should not give up writing if you are not getting enough traction from readers. There are not enough readers in the world. It is not your fault if someone is not reading you and it should not be your aim that someone should read you. Take my words, I have been through a lot of hard times, and putting that out was the first thing I always did. You have to release your emotions otherwise, your body will keep count, and your mind will go crazy. If you write it down, some reader is saved from being in the same tricky situation. Purpose accomplished.

Blogging used to be a hobby. It should be a hobby again. People should write out what they learned, experienced, and went through. That’s how the common consciousness of society increases. You need to write it down before it gets washed away from your memories into your subconscious, fracturing and frustrating your conduct and habits.

You are not your experiences, you are what you learn from those experiences. You are not your pain and trauma, you are the wisdom that falls on you after the suffering. But, writing is the first and most important step to distinguishing yourself from a traumatized and defeated person to a wise and diligent person with a refined personality.



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