Sunday blues: How to walk away

If you are reading this article to find out how to walk away, walk away. I am not telling you that. I have just had the realization that sometimes how to walk away is not the option to choose. You might be never okay again. You might be sick for life. And, this is how it is. Sometimes, you just don’t heal. I am just sharing a few stories of people who live their life the way it has been, without walking away.

Wait, am I only talking about women? Let us talk about men.

My conclusion is as incomplete as my documentation of several experiences to be duly filled with hope and despair, facts and fiction, imagination and depiction, and of course, melodies. I don’t think that moving on is a real thing until the incident in question is purely bad- consists only of hate, contempt, mind games, trauma, insult, and neglect. You can move away provided it only and purely hurts.

I am missing a song never written

a melody, I remember, never sung

a movie about us never screened

I miss you, your voice, your love

I miss the you in you who I loved

Do you miss yourself,

the way you used to be

in love with me

So guys, what are the solutions? I told you this post is not about solutions and here’s why.

There are no solutions. There are patterns. When you are hurt by love, you are cursed by love. Following are the things you might end up doing.



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