Sneak-peek into a human connection and time management with a study partner

2 min readMay 15, 2022



I recently connected with a language partner, and interaction with him prompted me to write on human connection in current society.

1. We both have come across people who were not serious about learning a new language. The implications were that they would be ready to teach us their language. But, they wanted a “return”. Neither he nor I am people, pleaser. So, we don’t give in to people’s unjustified demands.

Lesson: It is okay to give up wrong people until you find the right ones.

2. We both set the timer before we start teaching each other. This reduced time waste and both of us manage to learn every day something worthy.

Lesson: Stay goal-oriented. Wasting time is also a form of suicide.

3. Honest cultural exchange. He told about how the people of his country react when confronted. How his country does not have so many varieties of vegetables and fruits as India. And, I told that according to a news published in Reuters India is the most dangerous country for women in the world.

Lesson: We did not try to polish the blemishes. We need more people with spines and fewer people with pride.

4. I keep my phone away while studying. I am out of college for almost 7 years now. education is a life trick for me. It is not just a way of going from one degree to another. Or, from one paycheck to another. It is similar to my study partner.

Lesson: Don’t study to compete. Study to evolve.

5. Studying is the highest form of self-care. It nourishes you by helping you heal past trauma, holds your present accountable, and makes your future spectacular. Reading with a partner is a show of care to that person. Most times, people come to the ones who they consider equal already. Reading, on the contrary, is an act of upliftment.

Lesson: Reading is self-care.

6. Studying is the only way to match up your wisdom with experience and age which are not avoidable anyway. So, while you cannot stop experiencing life, giving up on reading can be self-defeating. Reading with a partner is a high level of social activity (exclusive to humans).

Lesson: Reading comes to your rescue when experience gets you into trouble.

No conclusion: I want you to come to your own conclusions.




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