Do toxic people change? If not, how to deal with them?

3 min readAug 31, 2021


Do toxic people change and apologize?

People don’t change. Period. Equations change.

Think like this. when was the last time a toxic person apologized (it should imply positive change in how to behave) to you for his past behave? If no, he never saw Anything wrong in that behave.

Obviously he did not change or he would have acknowledged what he did in the past. So,

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Reasons for toxic people sticking around you despite your obvious dislike of them:

  1. They want to exploit your talent, hard-work, education or status.
  2. They want your money, friends, love, notes, thesis, ideas, connection, personality.
  3. They despise what you have achieved without compromising with your principles and they may want to malign your reputation. Just ignore them. Block their number. Mark their email as spam. Work hard, stay honest and silent.
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Why do you attract toxic people?

The people around you hammer your self-esteem so that you don’t feel “qualified” so- to -say to hangout with better crowd.

Eliminate toxic people and naysayers from every corner of your life. Good thing and people will flow in and surround you in due time after bad people are gone. Have patience. It’s a slow process.

How to ward them off?

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Toxic people use others to their benefits. Some toxic people even use their own children. If they don’t love you, you are usable and disposable for them.

So, to ward them off:-

Hold your credit card tight . Don’t tell your financial situation to others. Don’t show up unnecessarily. Or, be ready for being an extra hand at everyone’s job- without pay .

Join some classes of dance, music etc. And stay busy with your passion and hobbies. Don’t be “free” in anyone’s eyes. Don’t entertain money demands from anyone.

If someone shows up frequently , stop them. Tell them to take appointment. If someone expects gifts , don’t show up. If people invite you to parties to have extra hands , AVOID.

Build your own support system and social network. Block unnecessary people from your life.

Enjoy solitude.

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