Celebrity Culture of Victimhood

Source: https://portolapilot.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Screen-Shot-2019-03-12-at-6.34.04-PM-1.png

Celebrities from Paris Hilton and Amber heard Elon Musk, and Jonny Depp are utilizing the emotions of people.

Interestingly, in marketing oneself, emotional sale out goes all out. People can buy a low-quality product if they are emotionally attached to it.

The Consequence is that the spending on advertisements and campaigning has made PR a million-dollar industry.

The story of Steve Jobs definitely got Apple “Something” in terms of customers. The story of “Indian CEOs” does get the international firms “Something” in terms of customers.

Tell me, if stories are selling, why will corporates work hard on the product? The only motive is profit. They are having a profit. Deal closed.

My Suggestions:

IF a celebrity suffers child abuse, they should fund investigative reports on Child abuse, instead of putting the money into CSR.

IF a celebrity suffered from drug addiction, they should fund investigations that reveal mafias and government nexus instead of putting money into CSR.

IF a celebrity suffered domestic abuse or marital rape, they should fund scholarly and investigative studies and reports about the causes, consequences, and solutions of domestic abuse and marital rape. Please don’t put your money into CSR.

CSR and PR are not the best utilization of your money if you don’t salivate for the fan following to sell out your 17 lines of products.

Hold the government accountable, hold the authorities accountable, and hold yourself accountable. And, for god’s sake stop abusing people’s emotions.

See you next time!



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