Bihar was backstabbed in 2006 itself- bleeding till now…

2 min readOct 28, 2020


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In Bihar 55% of the young population is unemployed and there is need for jobs and farming both. Also, they leave their farm lands and become migrant labourers in other states because farming is no more profitable in Bihar thanks to the repealing of APMC act by Nitish government in 2006.

Due to this reason , they go to Punjab or Maharashtra and cultivate their land and make them have profit by getting their crops sold.

Punjab is even more frightened by the move of the government of passing the three farmers act because Punjab is not into cash crops that is Punjab is not growing cash crops which are already not listed in the MSP list.

On the other hand , the middleman crisis is causing price hike for the consumer while them getting low price exploitative procurement from farmers. The solution to control middle-men does not lie in inviting giant devils like crony capitalists like ambani adani etc.

The solution lies in in making the various middlemen compete with each others such that they get forced to buy the crops at a better price from the farmers and sell it away at a cheaper price to the consumers at the household level.

To make this happen the government needs to educate people on how to procure crops of farmers and make a money of it by selling them. In this way the number of middlemen would increased tremendously and proportion proportionately will increase the competition amongst them.

If this happens in Bihar, the migrant labourers who are sitting idle in their homes once the exodus happened due to Corona would again be occupied in their New found jobs of middlemen which will help them happily run their family.

Moreover the indication which I want to give is that the middleman can be introduced into the market from the agricultural sector itself because in any way in agricultural sector, which has got involved70% of the labour force of India, is suffering from disguised unemployment and underemployment.

That problem will be partly addressed if people who are not working enough in the farm field get in the middle men range.




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